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Thank you for taking the time to come and read about my courses. The fact you're here means you're thinking about a new journey. Upon completion of your chosen course/courses, the world is your oyster. You could get a job in a salon, go self employed, work from home, go mobile, get a job in a spa, just do your own or friends and family. It really is what you make it. 

To help you decide which course is best for you I have simplified it as much as possible.


If you have any further questions please just fill in the contact form below or email me on


There are two options to train with me, either online or face to face. The courses I teach are:


  • Gel Extensions- creating a longer nail using tips or sculpting forms.

  • BIAB- applying a strengthening soak off gel overlay to natural nails (no extensions). This course includes gel polish application.

  • Gel Polish- applying a long lasting gel polish to natural nails (no extensions).

  • Full Cover Tips- applying a pre made tip to the nail for an instant set of extensions. Includes finishing with gel polish.

  • E-Filing- a must have for all nail techs.

  • Brow Lamination- Includes brow lamination, tinting and waxing.

  • Nail art* this is for qualified techs only as it offers no qualification.

  • I can also teach anything listed above as a 1-1. This is generally much quicker as you have my full attention the whole time. Please use the contact form below for a quote.


I also offer a course called the Intensive Gel Course which combines my most popular courses. This is in house only for now:

  • Gel Extensions

  • BIAB

  • Gel Polish

  • E-Filing


All of these courses (except nail art) are accredited with ABT and upon completion you will be able to purchase insurance, buy products from professional only brands and work on paying clients. 


Pros and Cons of Online Training



  • Can do it at your own pace.

  • Cheaper.

  • Can access the course 24/7.



  • You need self discipline to sit and watch the videos properly and read the manual thoroughly.

  • If you need help there isn’t anyone on hand immediatley.

  • Don’t get to learn in a salon environment with the salons tools and equipment.


Pros and Cons of Face to Face Training



  • Hands on experience.

  • Learn in a salon environment.

  • Kit supplied for use on the day.



  • More expensive.

  • Less flexibility on dates.

  • Can be far to travel.

With my in-house classes, you will receive access to the online course to read the manual, do the quizzes and watch the videos before you attend the class session. This gives us much more time to focus on hands on practical work.


For all of my online courses please click here.

For all of my in house classes please click here.


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